Billy Synk, Director of Pollination Programs for Project Apis m., manages the “Seeds for Bees” program which has installed over 3,000 acres of bee forage cover crops in California’s almond orchards. Billy comes to us from UC Davis, where he managed bees and participated in bee research projects with Drs. Brian Johnson and Neal Williams. He was trained in beekeeping by noted bee breeder-geneticist Sue Cobey at Ohio State University, where he received a BS in environmental policy and management. Billy worked with photographer Anand Varma on the “Quest for a Superbee” article published in the May 2015 edition of National Geographic and the incredible honey bee metamorphosis video.

How Project Apis m. Supports Bees, Growers, and Beekeepers in Agriculture

Project Apis m.’s (PAm) mission is to fund and direct research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bee colonies while improving crop production. This presentation will outline the international, national, and state specific programs that assist beekeepers, growers, and landowners with improving honey bee health. Highlights will include information about the Honey Bee and Monarch Butterfly Partnership, and forage projects in California. I will speak in depth about our Seeds for Bees program and hedgerow restoration.