Bob Walters is the Business Development Director for FieldWatch. Bob is responsible for the increased acceptance and adoption of FieldWatch in member and non-member states.  FieldWatch was developed by a multi stakeholder group after being created by the Purdue University Agricultural and Biological Engineering Departments. FieldWatch is a non-profit company that offers mapping and communication tools which are just one element of a successful formula for successful co-existence of specialty producers, large scale commodity farmers, commercial and private applicators and beekeepers. FieldWatch manages and operates the free and voluntary DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site and BeeCheck Apiary Registries. BeeCheck was specifically designed for beekeepers to map the location of their apiary so pesticide applicators will be aware of the location prior to spraying. BeeCheck has become an essential communication component of Managed Pollinator Protection Plans in 14 states.


Bob will introduce the BeeCheck Apiary Registry, promoting communications between beekeepers and applicators to support ongoing stewardship activities.