Carolyn has been a research assistant at the OSU Honey Bee Lab since 2009. She is a committee member, Journey student, and volunteer mentor for the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program. She is also a mom to Simon, wife to Nate, and the great, great grand-niece of Amos Ives Root. She tries to keep the familial tradition of beekeeping alive with her son, nephews, and nieces, however it is hard to compete with Pokemon Go. Instead, she works hard with a dedicated committee and over 100 committed, energetic volunteers to create programs, workshops, and events for beekeepers so they start or continue a long legacy in the ever-fascinating field of beekeeping.

Oregon Master Beekeeper Program

The Oregon Master Beekeeper program began in 2012. Since then, it has educated about 816 beekeepers. The 121 Journey Beekeeper students have the opportunity to share their knowledge through service activities and they receive advanced beekeeping education in events such as the Oregon Master Beekeeper Institute, Lab Day at OSU, and a summer field day. We have over 100 volunteer mentors signed up to mentor the Apprentice class of 2017. We are deeply grateful for their time in providing essential hands-on training to new beekeepers. The Master Beekeeper Level will be was launched this year and we have 5 eager participants signed up.

We surveyed participants from the first 4 years to determine the effectiveness of the program, where we can improve our efforts in education, and how OMB training has changed participants’ colony management. We will share our results and provide a review of 2016 events. If you are interested in participating in the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program, please visit