I am part of the Pacific Northwest Tech Transfer Team, which operates out of Oregon State University. I work with migratory beekeepers in Oregon, Idaho and Washington. Our primary goal as the NW Tech Team is to monitor colony health and gather pesticide exposure information from diverse cropping systems. I received my BS from the University of Minnesota and MS from Oregon State University, where I studied honey bee nutrition. I am also a volunteer mentor for the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program, and I enjoy teaching others about the joy of beekeeping.

Update from Bee Informed Pacific Northwest Tech Transfer Team

For three years, the PNW Tech Transfer Team has been working with commercial beekeepers in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. The team’s primary focus is to monitor colony health through quick and standardized sampling methods. This talk serves as an update on the team’s achievements. This includes two years of pesticide analyses during the almond bloom and the change in beekeepers’ management strategies for Varroa mite infestation levels.

Observations from the Field

I have a few observations from my experiences during three field seasons of working with many beekeepers. These are mainly trends that I have seen in large-scale operations. Although these aren’t data-driven grand slams, I hope to spark good conversations in presenting these insights.