Honey Show Judge Scott Ingles writes: Show off your beekeeping skills at this year’s conference by entering some of your apiary products in the judging event.  There are so many great apiary products one can enter; I hardly know where to begin.  Honey is a beekeeper’s staple product whether in the form of EXTRACTED or CUT COMB. Everyone produces lots of wax so why not show yours off.  CANDLES or NOVELTY items made from bee’s wax make a great entry too.  Other items include CHUNK COMB, CREAMED HONEY, POLLEN and PROPOLIS.  For those of you in the creative mode, PICTURES (of you and your bees at work), COSMETICS (made with some honey and or bees wax), GIFT PACKAGE, EDUCATIONAL DISPLAYS and not to be left out, the infamous GADGET (that unique hive tool you have personally invented to assist in bee keeping).

For ease in judging, please have your entries in the following form:

Extracted Honey – 2-3 queenline style or classic style clear glass jars of the same size (1-3 lbs.).  No labels on the jars to be judged (bring them to put on the jars after judging).

Comb Honey – 2 squares of cut comb or rounds.

Bees Wax Articles – Candles, two each or wax molds, 2 approx. 1 lb. each or original design 2 lbs. max weight.

Cosmetics – 3 of each item. Includes, but not limited to:  Hand cream/lotion, soap, lip balm, ointments, salves, tinctures, etc.

Educational Display and/or Pictures– pertaining to bee keeping or hive products.

Honey Gift Package – One basket or box (8 lbs. or less) wrapped in a clear cover.  Gift arrangements/packs must include one or more products of the hive, but may also include other items that enhance the appeal or promote the use of hive products.  One item in the gift package has to be a self-produced product of the hive, the rest should be from local sources.

Gadget – One working tool with a written card describing its application and use.